The signer is my client.

As a mobile notary, I spend a lot of time in hospitals, nursing homes and private homes. Except for the rare call where someone needs a notary because they work at home or are otherwise unable to leave their home, most calls are because somebody is really ill and a relative or friend is attempting to locate a mobile notary. This client is not able to be travel to a notary.

I need to know two things when the appointment is scheduled. Does the signer have a valid, unexpired government issued photo ID and is the signer competent? There are additional steps to ID a signer but if a signer is not competent, there is no reason to proceed.

Even if the signer is “competent” extenuating circumstances may prevent them from being able to properly execute a document. The notary has to be able to ask questions and use responses to determine they know what they are signing and that they are doing so willingly.

It doesn’t matter who pays my bill, my duty is to the signer.

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