I-9 Services

The minimum fee for an I-9 is $65 and includes meeting in a location in the 75075 zip code. If travel is required outside this zip code, additional charges may apply. If you want to schedule online instead of calling, you will need to prepay the fee. I hate to impose this but I have had too many no shows lately. Your card will be pre-authorized but not processed but if you do not cancel 24 hours in advance, the card will be charged. If you need to pay in cash, please call, do not use the form provided below.

The employee must complete Section 1 ahead of the meeting and be sure to have the required List A or List B and List C identification. The new form is simplified. If your employer requires additional interaction to complete the form online, please let me know what to expect.

Employers can contact us to arrange for and pay for this service, otherwise, you will need to pay the fee(s).

Additional charges for other services such as secure file uploads, secure file storage, mailing the original form, etc. are an additional fee. Complete the following form to schedule an appointment.