No large dogs allowed

Aggressive Dogs are now on my “Before you call” list.

Live and learn.  I’ve been doing the mobile notary thing for several years now without any major surprises…..until last week. It’s common to go to a home where there are pets and the pets rule the roost. They are harmless…

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Different languages

Language and the Notary

It seems every day is a learning experience.  A potential client calls and you go through the list, do you have valid ID, is the signer competent, where will I be going and so on. As our nation becomes more…

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Notary words, acknowledgement, jurat and certificate

Can you notarize my letter?

We get many calls for information.  A common question is “Can you notarize a letter from my boss saying where I work?” Another frequent request comes from people who need documents notarized in order to renew passports or visas.  These…

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Travel fees, when, where, payment terms

Scheduling and Fee Update

Travel Fees As a mobile notary, we spend a lot of time waiting.  We wait for witnesses, doctors, staff and numerous other professionals who are not ready at the scheduled time. Our time is important too so effective immediately, we…

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Need a notary and witnesses or just a notary.

Does your document require witnesses and a notary?

Banks may not notarize your documents Many businesses, including banks, are restricting the types of documents their employee notaries can notarize.  Many are only allowing them to notarize documents produced by the bank or corporation. I regularly receive calls from…

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There’s a new kid in our neighborhood

There is a new UPS Store in the neighborhood.  It’s good for those of us who have been driving a few miles to drop off packages. As a mobile notary working by appointment, I often get calls so now there…

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