Have a Good Notary Experience!

I may seem to be repeating myself but the following information will help you have a good experience…..

  • Yes…the person signing the document(s) must be there and must sign in person in front of me. If your document is a sworn document, you will also have to take an oath before the notary.
  • ID – Proper ID is critical. You must have a valid government issued picture ID. Your social security card, library card or other such form is not sufficient.
  • There are other ways to properly identify a person but it is a more involved process.
  • The signer must be competent and not under duress. Competency will be determined at the time of signing based on the situation at the time of the signing.
  • The primary cost difference between you coming to me and me coming to you is the travel time and expense. The actual notary fees are the same either way but are in addition to time and travel cost

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