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Hospitals and Witnesses


Most Covid-19 restrictions have been lifted but there are many different rules for visitation. These rules vary greatly by facility so please check with the facility before scheduling an appointment.


Important Information

If new restrictions are implemented we may not have a notary available who is willing to “mask up”, even with the premium rate, so please check ahead.

Need a notary and you’re in the hospital?

It’s always difficult when you need a notary at a hospital. You typically have an ill relative and important documents to be signed.  Most documents don’t require both a notary and witnesses but some do.

If you need a notary and witnesses, the hospital may not allow their employees (this includes chaplains, volunteers and staff) to be either. More and more hospital employees are not allowed to notarize financial and/or estate type documents.

I can’t mention this enough…

It’s stressful for everyone, especially the patient, when they think everything is set and ready to go but we have to stop and get witnesses at the last minute. This happened again earlier today.

Hospitals and health facilities should make everyone aware of their rules. They should consider giving the patient and/or family a list of documents they aren’t allowed to witness.

Notary Words

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