Go to a Notary vs Mobile Notary

A Notary is a Notary!

First off, a Texas Notary Public is just that a Notary. A mobile notary comes to you. You go to a notary if they have a store front or office location.

I don’t have a storefront or office location so I come to you. The fee for the notary transaction is regulated by the state and is the same either way.  A convenience/travel fee is applied in addition to the notary fee when a notary comes to you.

Poor health, too busy, just don’t want too?

There are many reasons I get called to a location.  Some examples are:

  • Are you unable to leave your home or assisted living facility.
  • In the hospital?
  • Busy day and it’s got to be done now? Executives call me to come to them because they don’t have time to leave the office.
  • Work from home or an executive suite? No extra staff to be a witness? You need a notary too?
  • Traveling and from out of town?  Just moved to the area?

You’re able to go to a Notary

So, you can go to the notary. If you are in Plano, you may be too far away but there is normally a notary at two locations on 15th street in zip code 75075. I have done business with both as I go to one or the other when I need a notary. They are listed alphabetically.

The locations don’t have a website so I’ve linked to previous posts where each phone number has been listed.

Call ahead to other locations because not all UPS stores have notaries on staff.


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