Does It Matter When Your Commission Expires?

This post was originally made in April 2011. Another adoption related call reminded me it was time to revisit the subject.

Day in and day out we notarize documents. As a notary in the State of Texas the document is valid as long as the date it was signed and notarized is on or before the date your commission expires. I never really gave it much thought. Recent conversations with people involved with adopting children from other countries has given me reason to add another question to the mix.

Adopting a child from another country?

The notary commission in Texas is good for 4 years. Many countries have tough adoptions rules and I’ve heard horror stories about people who have submitted their paperwork only to have it returned. The reason?  By the time the information was processed in the other country, the notary commission had expired and was not accepted.

If you are considering adopting from another country, be sure that any documents requiring notarization, are notarized by a notary whose commission doesn’t expire for at least a year, or more if possible.

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