So you need a notary, now what?

What Is The Procedure?

1. You need to know and understand what you are signing. I am not an attorney and I cannot draw up legal documents, explain their meaning or give you an opinion of them.

2. The signer and I must be in the presence of each other and I must see the signer sign the document. Never sign a document ahead of the appointment!

3. The signer must have a current, valid photo identification. I must be satisfied that you are the person you say you are and the name on the ID must match that on the document. It must be a government issued photo ID. A social security or medicare card is not acceptable identification. I will ask you to sign my journal.

4. After I have identified you, I may ask a few questions. This is to determine that you understand the purpose of the document; in some cases additional questions may be asked to determine competency.

4. After you have signed the document, and any required oaths have been administered, I will fill in the notarial certificate and apply my seal.

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