Can you notarize my letter?

We get many calls for information.  A common question is “Can you notarize a letter from my boss saying where I work?” Another frequent request comes from people who need documents notarized in order to renew passports or visas.  These documents typically arrive without a notary certificate so one has to be added.

The common belief is that you can just sign and stamp the letter.  Wrong. I’m not familiar with notary laws in other states but in Texas, this is the rule.

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There must be a “certificate” on any notarized document.  Most notaries have a rubber stamp or typed sheet with a certificate.  The rubber stamp puts the certificate directly on the page.  If a separate certificate is used, it is attached to the document with a note about the document to which it is attached. You must be able to tell the notary which type of certificate you need because the notary cannot make the choice for you unless the notary is also a licensed attorney.

Notary WordsEvery Texas notary must have a notary book and record the information in the book.  You will also be asked to sign the book.

People also want the notary to provide the document they are notarizing.  This is another no no. We do not create documents for you.  We may however post links to forms which are available elsewhere.

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